days with rain and questions
ìåñåò ìå âñï÷ç êáé åñùôçóåéò
Πέμπτη, Αυγούστου 10, 2006
μικροι χτιζαμε ενα κοσμο δικο μας, κλεινοντας απλα τα ματια

la ballade of Lady & Bird

Bird :Lady?
Lady :Yes Bird?
Bird :It's cold
Lady :I know
Lady :Bird...I cannot see a thing
Bird :It's all in your mind
Lady :I'm worried
Bird :No one will come to see us
Lady :Maybe they come but we just don't see themWhat do you see?
Bird :I see what's outside
Lady :And what exactly is outside?
Bird :It's grown-ups
Lady :Well maybe if we scream they can hear us
Bird :Yeah, maybe we should try to scream
Lady :Ok, Bird
Lady & Bird :Heeeelp, HeeeelpCan you hear us now ? Hello ! Help ! Hello it's me HeyCan you seeCan you see me I'm hereNana come and take us HelloAre you there Hello
Lady :I don't think they can hear us
Bird :I can hear you lady
Bird :Do you want to come with me lady
Lady :Will you be nice to me Bird
Lady :You're always be nice to me because you're my friend
Bird :I try but sometimes I make mistakes
Lady :Nana says we all make mistakes
Bird :Maybe we should scream more
Lady :Yes, Bird let's scream more
Lady & Bird :Help ! Help us ! Come on ! HelpHello ! HelpHello ! We're lost
Lady :I don't think they cannot see us
Bird :Nobody likes us
Lady :But they all seem so big
Bird :Maybe we should just jump
Lady :What if we fall from the bridge and then nobody can catch us
Bird :I don't know let's just see what happens
Lady :Okay Bird :Come with me
Lady :Shall we do it together
Bird :Yeah Lady & Bird :1 2 3....Aaaaaaah
Bird :Lady?
Lady :Yes Bird
Bird :It's cold
Lady :I know
Lady :Bird...I cannot see a thing
Bird :It's all in your mind

ενα υπεροχο συγκροτημα
ενα υπεροχο τραγουδι
Blogger ViSta said...
χειροκρότημα και στον στοίχο άλλα και για την εικόνα...
Καλημέρα :-)

Αχ, βρε Νικήτα...

Τις καλημέρες μου

Blogger nikitas said...
kalimera kai stous duo sas

euxaristo gi ato xrono pou afierosate

Blogger Chloe said...
Πολύ ωραία φωτογραφία Νικήτα!

Blogger theodore said...
Are you cold too?
When like a running grave, time tracks you down
Shall we go learn to kiss
this hardly seems worth thinking of

'Ε, μικροί είμασταν φιλαράκο...


Blogger aggelosk said...
agapimeno asma!!

Anonymous Ανώνυμος said...