days with rain and questions
ìåñåò ìå âñï÷ç êáé åñùôçóåéò
Δευτέρα, Μαρτίου 27, 2006
για 2 σωμα-ψυχο-φυλακες και ενα κοριτσι
Getting used to the silence
Used to waking up alone
Tried to see the world through your eyes
But it didn’t make the change
And when I tried to make it in your world
I just couldn’t find my place
So how do you want me to treat you
I can’t even save myself

(photo taken today afternoon)
Think I'm Up For You And I
Minor Majority
Anonymous Rainman said...
?????? ??? ????? ???? ???????????? ??? ???? ?????????
Thanx [x]

Anonymous Rainman said...
Sxedon ena hrono meta epistrefoume sto idio tragoudi?
Thanx [x]

Anonymous m.hulot said...
????? ????? ?? ?????????????, or am i wrong?

Anonymous Rainman said...
afto to template einai yatabazah, den milaei ellinika, rota ton m.hulot na sou dosei odigies, allios tha gemisei to blog sou erotimatika... days with rain and questionmarks!

Blogger theodore said...
And if I should tell you lies
Be good enough and try to sort me out

Blogger Ioulita said...
Mia antistoixi fwtografia moy tin onomasa "Efuges"